Originally designed by a father looking to give his two children personal space within the same room, the unit itself is an organizational tool, providing flexible areas with a simple aesthetic that blends with any style and is adaptable to different situations as your kids grow.  More than that the jLOFT provides a sanctuary for young people, a space they will love and will want to retreat to for comfort and relaxation.  A place that is guaranteed to make them feel secure, creative and positive about the world. 

And for continuing growth we also offer the jLOFT PRO, perfect for professionals looking for extra room in their workspace.

“I’ve always regarded New York City apartments as a lovely challenge (ha!), a fun puzzle in figuring out how to create a better existence in limited square inches!  The survival aspect is appealing, but I’m looking for intelligent survival, so when my wife and I found ourselves with two growing children sharing the same room and the age difference became acute, we wanted to provide the older one with space away from "my bratty little sister" (her words) and that’s how the jLOFT came about.  I feel like we gave her a small floor of her own, an elegant and sophisticated kid space.  It’s really a big interactive piece of furniture.  The most satisfying aspect is that all of our lives are greatly improved, both individually and in the way we coexist.”

Matthew James, jLOFT Owner, graduated with honors from Pratt Institute with a Bachelor of Industrial Design and is a Licensed Home Improvement Contractor and Salesperson.